Procedure for use of CFF Classrooms

  • ONLY CFF teachers (those taking an Embedded Learning course) are permitted to use the CFF Laptop carts.
    ONLY CFF teachers are permitted to have a CFF cart key.
  • Please assign students to a specific laptop and use a system to track when the laptop is removed from the cart and when it is returned.
  • ALWAYS lock the cart at the end of each period.
  • ALWAYS lock your room when there is no supervision in the room.
  • The carts should not be removed from the room to which they are assigned.
  • The laptops should not be removed from the room to which they are assigned.
  • If you are going to be absent and plan to have the students use the CFF laptops with your sub, please make arrangements with Wendy McKenzie or Jason Christiansen to be in your room during those periods to give support to your sub.

1. All computers must be shut down. This means to a completely black screen on the laptop.
2. Make sure all laptops are plugged into the cart.
3. The laptop carts must be locked.



  • The cart should be plugged into an electrical outlet at all times.

  • Batteries should provide approximately 2-1/2 hours of continual use until they’ll need to be recharged. However, it is advisable to plug the laptops back into power when not in use and in between classes to help the batteries stay charged and extend the usage time.

  • Laptopcarts should be locked every day before you leave school. Carts should only be locked when the laptops inside are turned off. When the laptops are turned on the doors to the cart need to remain open so they don’t overheat. 30 laptops can generate a lot of heat, especially in a metal cart. Therefore, the last class of the day that uses the laptops must first log off and then shut down the computers.

  • There are 30 laptops per cart which should allow for some spares to be used if a laptop is out of commission or the battery dies. Be sure to plug the “dead” laptop back into power to charge the battery.

  • Do not allow students or other teachers to remove laptops from the cart and take to other classrooms.

  • It would be a good idea to assign a laptop number to each student in each class and have that student use that laptop each time. This will promote “ownership” of the laptop and its continued good function plus provide a source of information when problems are encountered. Some teachers have found it helpful to affix a small label or masking tape with the names of the studenst assigned to each laptop next to the laptop number on each one. This enables students to quickly identify their laptop and take it out at the beginning of class. It also reminds students that they are responsible for their individual laptops.

  • If you do assign laptops you should cycle them through the 30 so that the same 25 laptops aren’t constantly in use.

  • CARE should be taken to ensure that laptops are placed back in the spot on the cart from which they came and plugged into the correct power cord. There are labels with arrows on the cart to designate where the laptop should be and there is a corresponding label on the laptop. If you adopt this as a policy your cart should stay relatively clean and all cords in reasonable order.

  • TAKE NOTE that there is a switch for the wireless card on the bottom left side of the laptop. If a student reports their laptop isn’t working you should check that the wireless card hasn’t been turned off. Pushed to the left is “off”, to the right is “on” and there is a corresponding light on the laptop.

  • If the laptops are turned off but plugged into power they will still charge – but they will not get any updates. QUESTION - should laptops be turned off (but still plugged in) after 8th period to avoid the overheating issue?

  • Pay close attention to the laptops. Make sure laptops are returned to the right spots, are plugged in, and the cords are not pulled out.

  • If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Tech Assistants at ext. 1506 or 1507 for emergencies or send an e-mail to _hstech for all other issues.