To Change Your Homepage...

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Click on "Tools"
3) Type a website of your choice in place of the North Penn Intranet Site (such as Google in the image below)


4) Click "OK" to save.

Note: After you have connected to the North Penn network (VPN), the Intranet page will function again. It is important to be able to access this page, since it contains the Teacher Access Center (for homeroom attendance) and the link to the CFF site we added in our first meeting. Therefore, it is a good idea to add the North Penn Intranet site to your favorites, so you can access it easily. To do so, go to, click on Favorites (next to the yellow star at the top of your Internet Explorer page), then click "add."

Remember, you can always get back to your home page by clicking the icon that looks (a little bit) like this: