Online Learning

1. Having a good understanding of what the role of the facilitator was with regard to "grading" the snyc point discussions. I got an answer from the list serve saying that we do not grade them, we monitor and encourage progress as described in the rubric. This was not clearly stated anywhere and many facilitators had the impression that they needed to record a grade somewhere.


1. Many people felt overwhelmed when they were given their laptop intitially. Some people did not feel that there was a clear expectation communicated to them in terms of what they were supposed to use their computer for.
2. Not enough "how-to"support was given to people to get started when they first received their computer.
3. It was very hard for people to put their trust in the wireless, because of connectivity problems earlly on.

Promethean Boards

1. Communication about the install schedule could have been better in the sense of where and when. When the boards arrived so did anxiety about not knowing how to use them. Support needed to follow up in a planned way with installation to alleviate anxiety.
2. Some people woud see their board on the wall but it was not functioning. They felt left in the dark about how/when they could have expected the board to become functional.