You may want to print this page and take it home if you attempt what is on it.

Using your CFF laptop in this way will or will NOT allow you to do the following:
1. You will be able to access the internet like you would at home.
2. You will NOT have access to H-Drive, G-Drive, Gradequick
3. You will be able to access files that are on your laptop or on a Flash Drive.
4. You will NOT be able to access your email by using the Microsoft Outlook application on your desktop.
5. You will be able to access your North Penn Email via the internet at
(You should be able to do this anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection for your wireless laptop. Click here for places that do so).


If you want to establish a connection to the internet using your CFF laptop, you need to have the following pre-requisites in place.

1. You need a high-speed internet connection (cable or DSL. If you have Verizon or Comcast you are good. If you have dial-up, this process won't work.)
2. You need your CFF laptop.
3. You need to have logged into your CFF laptop at school at least once.
4. (Optional) Place shortcuts to your H drive and G Drive on the desktop of your laptop. (Instructions for doing so are at the bottom of Teacher Laptop Pick-Up. Look at item #4)

Once you do the above pre-requisites, you can establish a connection to the internet by doing the following.

1. Establish a connection between your CFF laptop and the Internet. (If you have wireless in your house, your CFF laptop should try to automatically connect to your wireless network through your wireless router. If you do not have a wireless connection in your home, you need to remove the network cable that puts internet access into your computer and plug it into the laptop.)

2. Turn off your Proxy Server. Right-click Internet Explorer. (This is the big blue "e" on your desktop.) Select "Properties" from that menu. A window opens with a series of tabs across the top. Click the tab that says "Connections". Towards the bottom right of that box, click the button that says "LAN Settings". A new box appears. UNCHECK the button in front of “Use a proxy server for your LAN…” Click "OK". then click "OK" again to exit.

3. Double-click your Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY GET A PAGE THAT SAYS "THE PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED". THIS IS TO BE EXPECTED. IT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. The is because the default page for your CFF laptop is the North Penn Intranet page. This page is only accessable from school or if you are connected to the school's network via VPN. The process described on this page is meant to give you Internet access, not connect you to the North Penn network. If you type another address into your browser, you should be able to go to that page. Try typing an address like or something like that.