Group Action Plan for Unit 5
NP CFF English Teachers

Participating teachers:

Kevin M.
Dee S.
Scott S.
Lisa L.
Ellen M.
Kathy K.
Pam F.
Becky D.


In the Plan section, you will develop an Action Plan. This plan will help you will reflect on what you have learned from the course and how you can use the information and skills to improve student achievement. You will be planning and ultimately writing your plan as separate sections. These sections will be entered into text fields in a later step.
Print the Action Plan Rubric and refer to the Learning Guide to complete this unit.
After completing the planning activities in the Learning Guide, proceed to the next step when you are ready to start entering your Action Plan electronically. Exit the course if you want to submit your plan at a later time.

Action Plan Rubric


Enter the Area for Improvement for your Action Plan.
Enter the Steps for your Action Plan.
Enter the Resources for your Action Plan.
Enter the Evaluation for your Action Plan.
Did you use proper conventions in developing your Action Plan? <-- WHAT EXACTLY DOES THIS MEAN?




In the Reflection unit, you will compare your Action Plan to a rubric for self assessment. This will allow you to determine if you need to modify your Action Plan before submitting it.
  1. View and compare your Action Plan to the rubric.
  2. Decide whether you want to modify your plan.
  3. When you are satisfied with your plan proceed to the next step.


In the Share unit, you will share your Action Plan with your colleagues by posting it into an online database.

After you share the Plan (which is really what you typed in during step two), the course is complete.