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CFF Group Year II and III - 5 Lesson Plans

(Nunley, Machado, Budweg,McGinley, Cummiskey, Curley, Huston,
Stokes, Giermann, Kim, Hrinyak, Brewster, and Schweizer)
Lesson_Plan - ferris wheel.doc

CFF Lesson - compound interest.doc


CFF linear regression activity.doc

Lesson_Plan - worm angles.doc

Shetts Lesson 1 - Coordinates of the Unit Circle
Shetts Lesson 2 - Online tutoring in real time with audio
Shetts Lesson 3 - Understanding Domain and Range
Shetts Lesson 4 - ‚Äč Need a Graphing Calculator for your Home Computer
Christiansen - Collecting Real-time Data to Construct and Interpret Boxplots and Frequency Tables

Christiansen: Sampling Distributions "Awesome and Great"

Frazier 1 - Photo Similarity

Frazier 2 - Bisector Constructions
Frazier 3 - Sales Discount and Sales Tax
Frazier 4 - Graphing Systems of Inequalities