Keep in mind some people are gathering on Wednesday, December 5 at 3:00 to complete this work.

You can log onto Embedded Learning here and begin at your leisure. Feel free to do this on your time but it must be completed before the Syncpoint Discussion One.

1. Complete the Personal Information Sheet.
2. Complete the Orientation
3. Complete the Course Work for Unit One that leads up to the Sync Point One Discussion.

Please note that these items can be covered on your own via the internet, but we are gathering to do them in team fashion for moral and technical support.

When you are ready to begin the online learning course, click here to log into your online learning account at the Embedded Learning account site site. Follow the procedure below.

Opening Procedure

1. After you logon to your account at Embedded Learning, you will click the Learn link. Click the Launch Course link and complete the Personal Information sheet.

2. Click the Orientation Link and proceed through the Orientation. You must complete the Orientation in one sitting and there is apparently a short quiz at the end (Thanks, Shetts, for informing people about this via discussion )

3. In Unit One, you will encounter a button on the screen that says Print. This is a misnomer. Clicking the button will not actually print, it will open the document in a new window to print. Keep in mind that you have the document in your blue binder from Annie on the 16th. Clicking Print, however, will allow you to bring it up on the screen for you to view.